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Designed, Supplied & Installed by an Expert Builder
So You Get a Better, Stronger, Longer-Lasting Shed Without the Hassles and Risks of Dealing with
Multiple Suppliers (Australia Wide)
Deal with one company from design to installation
Save time, money and hassles
Get a better, stronger, longer-lasting shed -- guaranteed

One Company Handles Everything

No outsourced contractors or buck-passing

Free Advice from Experienced Shed Builders

Not commission sales people

100% Australian Steel

Reliable, Tough and Guaranteed

Installed Australia Wide by Experienced, In-House Shed Builders

Get cash back on your shed when you get us to build it for you

Installed Australia Wide by Experienced, In-House Shed Builders

Get cash back on your shed when you get us to build it for you

We choose the best brands for your shed including:


Looking for a Better Built Farm Shed?

If you’re looking for a strong farm, rural or industrial shed, designed, supplied and installed by one, expert company that handles everything from design to installation, you’re in the right place.

Mighty Tuff Sheds specialises in designing, supplying and building big, tough machinery, open bay, breeze through, and workshop sheds for farmers and industrial purposes.

And because we do it all – from design right through to installation – you deal with one company. That means you save time and money. And you will never get the run-around like you do with so many shed companies who blame their outsourced installers for any problems.

We do it all. That’s how we can guarantee you get a better, stronger, longer-lasting shed, with no hassles. Contact us for Free Advice and a Firm Quote.

What Type of Shed are You Looking For?

Whether you’re looking for an open bay farm shed, designed and built to fit your machinery (without needing to dismantle, unhook or adjust anything), a breeze through shed that’s versatile and extendable to suit your changing needs, or a fully lockable shed or workshop, we have a shed to suit.

And to ensure you get the exact shed you want, we can customise the width, depth, height, doors, windows, and even add a side skillion up to 18m to give you maximum storage and value for money. Click below for more information about a particular type of shed or contact us for Free Advice and a Firm Quote.





What Makes Mighty Tuff Sheds Better than Standard Sheds?

With so many shed companies making hyped-up promises, choosing the best farm shed for your needs can be confusing. Here is a brief assessment of what makes Mighty Tuff Sheds different.

» We Handle Everything

When you deal with Mighty Tuff Sheds, we look after everything from design through to complete installation. There’s no need to find a local builder who may or may not be experienced in erecting sheds. And there’s no risk of being caught in the middle of a ‘blame game’ between your shed company and installer.

We take all the hassle out of getting a shed. And we take full responsibility to ensure you get the exact shed you want – better, stronger, longer-lasting – guaranteed

» Heavier and Stronger

Bigger may not always be better, but heavier is stronger. The quick way to determine the quality of a shed is to measure the weight. Mighty Tuff Sheds are as much as 40% heavier than other brands. That’s why we confidently say they are stronger. (Plus, we have the experience to build them better!)

» We Build It Better

While most builders can ‘slap’ a shed together, it takes special skills and experience to get the best end result. Our in-house team of installers specialise in building farm, rural and industrial sheds. We take extra care with footings to ensure the foundation of your shed is super-strong and perfectly square. And we pay attention to the little things (like screw lines) to ensure maximum strength and a neat appearance.

» Australia Wide

While many shed companies will deliver Australia-wide, we don’t know of any other brand that will install Australia-wide with their own in-house builders. If you choose another brand, you will need to find your own builder or risk an outsourced contractor your shed company arranges. With Mighty Touch Sheds, we look after everything – from design to final installation – no matter where you are in Australia.

» We Specialise In Farm, Rural and Industrial Sheds

While most shed companies try to do everything, we don’t muck around with small, residential sheds. We build big rural, farm and industrial sheds. And we build them better.

» 3D Drawings

Trying to imagine what your shed will look like based on the pictures you see online or in a catalogue can be challenging. That’s why we are happy to provide you with detailed 3D drawings.

» On Time Build Guarantee

Because we never outsource to unknown external builders, we may not be able to install your shed this week. However, we will give you an installation time-line. And we will stick to it. In fact, we will give you $200 for every week we run late.

» 100% Australian Steel

There is no doubt you can save a few dollars (initially) by choosing cheaper, inconsistent, imported steel. But we refuse to expose you to the risks. We trust 100% Australian [brand] steel that’s been proven in Australian conditions.

» No-Damage and No-Missing-Parts Supply Guarantee

There is nothing more frustrating then realising parts are missing or your shed has been damaged in transit. We triple-check everything and use trusted transport companies to ensure your shed comes complete and in perfect condition.

» Ongoing Support Guarantee

Your shed will last for years. And so will our ongoing support. If you ever have questions, concerns, or need replacement parts over time (e.g. door rollers), we’ll be a phone call away with prompt and courteous service.


Why should I choose a Mighty Tuff Shed?

Because Mighty Tuff Sheds is the only farm shed company that handles everything from design to complete installation to ensure you get a better, stronger, longer-lasting shed, without the hassles and risks of dealing with multiple suppliers.

How experienced is Mighty Tuff Sheds?

We have more than [number] years’ experience in the building industry. We are nowhere near the biggest. But we have years of experience under our belt. And we always try to be the best.

What types of sheds do you specialise in?

We design, supply and build farm, rural and industrial sheds for customers who want expert advice, unbeatable value, and the no-hassle, no-excuse service that can only come from dealing with one company who looks after everything for you.

What areas of Australia do you cover?

Our experienced, in-house shed builders are located all around Australia, so no matter where you are, we can design, supply and install the exact shed you want.

How much will my shed cost?

Mighty Tuff Sheds offer unbeatable value and start from as little as $[amount] fully installed. Naturally, the price will depend on the size and type of shed you require. To give you a rough idea, the average shed we installed in the last 12 months came to $[amount]. Contact us for Free Advice and a Firm Quote.

How do I know one shed is better than another?

In our experience, the three most important characteristics of a quality shed are materials, weight and construction. We only use proven Australian steel and bolts / screws to ensure longevity without rust. Generally, the heavier the shed for the size (i.e. more steel), the stronger it will be. And when it comes to construction, attention to detail matters – especially when it comes to the footings (the foundation of your shed). While our sheds will never win any architectural awards, we do pay attention to small details like the screw lines (straight) to ensure our sheds look neat.

Can I expand my shed in the future?

Yes, most of our sheds offer versatility and the option to expand.

Can you expand my current shed?

Yes, in most cases, we can help you expand your current shed by adding to the length, or even adding an affordable skillion to the side. Contact us for Free Advice and a Firm Quote.

Do you use Australian steel?

Yes, we use [brand] steel because it’s proven in Australian conditions.

Can I customise my shed?

Yes, we can customise the length, width, height, windows, doors, and even add a skillion up to 18m on the side.

What colours do you offer?

You can choose from the range of [brand of steel] colours. The most popular colour is [colour].

How high can my shed be?

Standard shed height is [number]m, however we can customise the height up to [number]m.

Can you arrange installation?

Yes, we look after everything with our own in-house team (no external building contractors).

Can you help us with engineering and council lodgement?

Yes, we can help with everything from design to complete installation.

Are you Shed Safe accredited?

Yes, we exceed Shed Safe requirements.

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