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When a Builder Wants a Shed, This Is the Brand He Chooses

Like farmers and people who live on the land, any builder worth his salt, appreciates the benefits of quality, particularly when it comes to his shed.

He wants it to be strong. So he can build it once and know it will last forever.

And he doesn’t want to be bothered with parts that wear out before they’re supposed to. That’s why more builders choose a Mighty Tuff Shed. And it’s the reason…

Why I (A Builder) Started Selling Sheds in the First Place

After more than 25 years in all types of construction, someone asked if I could build him a farm shed. He then told his neighbour about me. And before long, word got around and I had bookings to build farm sheds months ahead.

I established a base in each state – with complete tool setup and caravan — and travelled all over Australia building rural sheds for my customers.

The problem was I was building sheds supplied by other companies. Big, name-brand shed companies. And frankly…

• The designs were sloppy
• The brackets were flimsy
• Parts were missing or damaged
• And worst of all, they were simply not strong enough

I did my best. But I knew these new shed owners were going to have problems down the track. So, I started to look into how I could source better sheds for my customers.

After assessing all the major manufacturers. And spending more than a year and tens of thousands of dollars in research and development. I created Mighty Tuff Sheds – the only shed designed, supplied and installed by an expert builder, so you get a better, stronger, longer-lasting shed, without the hassles and risks of dealing with multiple suppliers (Australia wide).

Who We Work With?
Shed companies that build small, rinky-dink residential sheds are a dime a dozen.
That’s not us.
We build serious sheds for people on the land – farmers, land-owners and industrial businesses who want…
Better, stronger, longer-lasting shed (up to 40% heavier than other brands)
Deal with one, expert company (Australia wide) — from design to installation (with no risks of multiple suppliers playing the blame game)
Built by big shed specialists (not general handymen or domestic ‘lego’ shed builders)
On-time build guarantee (with $200 compensation for every week late)
No-damage and no-missing-parts supply guarantee (to ensure you get exactly what you order – delivered on time and in perfect condition)
Ongoing support you can count on
Free expert advice to ensure you get the exact shed you want

Years Established

Completed Projects

Ready for a Better Shed for Less?

Want a better, stronger, longer-lasting shed – designed, supplied and installed by the one expert shed builder?

Get in touch for Free Advice and a Detailed Quote to get the exact shed you want – done right first time, guaranteed.

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