Open bay Sheds

Enduring Open Bay Sheds
for Aussie Clients

Mighty Tuff Sheds offers an extensive range of affordable open bay farm buildings. These are meant to cater to your very specific requirements for sheds. We specialize in designing, supplying, and building quality farm sheds, that are engineered to withstand even the harshest weather in Australia.

All these are manufactured using only 100% Australian-made steel. Do you want a big farm shed that you need to safeguard your heavy machinery from the elements? Or, do you want agriculture shed to store your hay with easy access? No matter what, our 100% Australian steel sheds have got you covered!

You will get options for wider open bays as well as greater height clearance. That is why we can make just the open bay shed you had been looking for. So, come and have a look through our collection and get in touch with the team today.

Open Front Farm Sheds That Offer Peace of Mind

Every farm shed that Mighty Tuff Sheds supplies are approved by an independent engineer with over years of experience in the Australian steel buildings industry. Also, all our shed kits come with complete site-specific engineering, extensive plans as well as construction support services.


Our farm sheds are engineered to meet the high standards of Australia. Manufactured from quality steel you can have the confidence to know that your farm shed has been thoroughly tested and engineered to withstand the harsh outback conditions of Australia. By investing in one of our farm sheds, not only do you get the maximum strength, but you also get various choices of sheeting in a number of profiles. Thus, you get the best quality Australian farm sheds from us.

We are experts in designing and delivering high-quality Australian steel sheds. Our professional teams have a complete understanding of your local area and thus, we can ensure a seamless experience regarding your new steel building. We promise to get you a functional design, quality site-specific engineering, as well as professionalism. So why wait? Get in touch and book an expert consultation to discuss your project and get a tailored solution.

Other Types of Sheds That
We Customise, Design, and Build

Apart from Hay sheds we also design and build Farm Sheds, Rural sheds, Machinery Sheds, Open bay Sheds, Industrial Sheds, Drive Through Sheds, Arena Sheds, etc. We can get you a standard solution while we also specialize in offering custom-built sheds as per your requirements and budget.

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